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A successful (no wrecks, no groundings) 2017 Sailing season is over and past. NOW the 2018 season is coming quickly and inquiries have been made for sailing lessons and charters. So start planing now as the schedule fills up fast. Do you want a great sailing charter? Or, looking to learn how to sail? Or perhaps you are just interested in improving your sailing skills on a bigger boat? Now is the time to start your plans and make your reservations. The weekend availability fills up fast so contact us soon.

Watch DreamCatcher in motion thanks to Mark and Greta, Click here to watch DreamCatcher under sail and get a feeling for what it is like gliding over the water with only the sound of the wind and waves.


***Do you get quezzy watching your Fast Sailing Skipper approach the dock?

***Are you afraid to say anything out of fear of a keel haul? and

***Are you interested in making certain your skipper comes in slow to the dock?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need one of MainSail Charters & Research's Tee Shirts to wear so that when you have your back to the skipper (to hide your fear of hitting the fast approaching dock) you can remind him or her in a most casual and unobtrusive manner to slow down. You can just contact us to get you that reminder.

Remember: "A good docking is seen by none but a dock crash is seen by all!!"

Save your self and your skipper that latter scene and embarrassment. Get your own "Sail Fast" buuut... "Dock Slow" TEE Shirt today.

E-mail us today (copy and paste)

Captainbill@starboardbeam.com or CaptainJeff@starboardbeam.com on how to get your reminder shirt today!!

Be sure and put "TEE SHIRT" in the subject line and hurry soon and we can hopefully get it to you before the sailing season is underway or you crash into the dock or worse.

Or you can call us on the telephone at:   240-401-4464

And remember as a reminder once again: A good docking is seen by none but a dock crash is seen by all. Save your self and your skipper that latter scene and embarrassment. Get that "Sail Fast" buuut... "Dock Slow" TEE Shirt.

For every "Sail Fast" buuut "Dock Slow" Tee Shirt you purchase; as a Special Spring Time Offer - Get a FREE Socks Burning Starter Kit free AND, within the next ten minutes, if you hurry now, for one lowly dollar more, you can get the Deluxe Socks Burning Starter Kit at no extra shipping and handling cost to you.

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